A bright future for the talented team at M J Bushell

Two of the trainees at M J Bushell – Will Fisher and Lydia Gould – successfully passed their final ICAEW exams, earlier this month, after years of studying and dedication.

Their successful results mark their transition to Chartered Accountants – a significant milestone in their careers. The pair are thrilled to be putting aside their study materials and excited to be taking their first steps into chartered accounting at M J Bushell.

Both began their journey as trainees, initially navigating the AAT pathway and later advancing to ICAEW studies, highlighting the firm’s commitment to coaching the new generation of accountants.

This investment in talented individuals is something upon which M J Bushell prides itself.

“At M J Bushell, we take pride in our colleague’s accomplishments, recognizing them as vital members of our team,” said Director Dan Sayers. “Their recent qualifications further bolster the already robust team of chartered accountants and tax advisers in the ranks of M J Bushell.”

He added: “Everyone here at the firm is incredibly excited to see how Will and Lydia’s careers progress.

“I have every faith that they are going to be successful in their endeavours and we look forward to watching them grow as chartered accountants.”

M J Bushell remains deeply committed to training and is passionate about nurturing qualified staff through on-site and off-site training programmes.

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