Three teams from M J Bushell take on tricky escape game challenges

Earlier this summer, three teams from M J Bushell took on three challenging escape room games as part of a business day out at Clue HQ in Brentwood.

The teams were tasked with solving a number of difficult puzzles and riddles within less than an hour in their efforts to escape.

The results were very mixed. Team Houdini’s still had a minute left to go by the time they broke out of Clue HQ’s Bunker 38, while team See You Laters freed themselves just 40 seconds before the clock stopped.

Sadly, team Doom Raiders wasn’t quite so lucky and ended up locked-in The Dungeon of Doom for all eternity.

Kevin Fisher, Director at M J Bushell and member of the unfortunate Doom Raiders, said: “Our day out at Clue HQ provided a great opportunity for the M J Bushell team to spend some time together out of work, putting our heads together to take on some very unusual challenges.

“Everyone who attended had a fantastic time and I look forward to returning to Clue HQ in the near future. With any luck, team Doom Raiders will have a little more success next time around!”

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