Deciding to merge, sell or acquire a business can be an exciting period for shareholders and owners, but it can also be stressful and risky.

The potential to create significant tax liabilities and the potential for conflict means that it is important for any sale, merger or acquisition to be well considered.

The ultimate goal is to complete the process with all parties benefiting from a deal, which is why having a trusted adviser by your side, that understands your aspirations is vitally important.

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Our team will make sure that you are equipped with all of the information and advice you require to make an informed decision.

We will carry out detailed due diligence work on your behalf to ensure that you feel confident to complete the matter.

We can help with

  • Long-term exit planning
  • Creating an acquisition or sale strategy
  • Identifying targets and goals
  • Accurately valuing your business or a target business
  • Financial modelling
  • Corporate finance
  • Managing the financial due diligence process
  • Tax-efficient deal structures
  • negotiating with vendors or purchasers
  • structuring sale agreements

We have assisted with a number of deals in the past and have achieved many successful sales and acquisitions thanks to our methodical approach.