Today, we are living in an increasingly global business environment.

M J Bushell is watching the world of trade and communications change – and we want to help ambitious British businesses to branch out overseas, or assist international companies with navigating complex tax regulations here in the UK.

We also want to extend our support to internationally-mobile individuals, in terms of minimising exposure to double taxation, assisting with HMRC enquiries and providing practical advice in terms of international anti-avoidance rules.

Our team is ideally placed to offer proactive advice on:

  • Tax planning strategies.
  • Business planning and structuring.
  • Personal tax planning and structuring.
  • UK tax compliance.
  • Advice on compliance with overseas tax regulations.
  • Cross-border transactions.
  • Transfer pricing arrangements.
  • Minimising exposure to double taxation.

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We can support international clients from all backgrounds with dynamic and diverse accountancy advice in relation to both personal and business tax matters.

Whatever your needs, whatever your goals, our experts can help your business to expand its horizons either by branching our overseas or by setting up subsidiaries here in the UK.

Doing Business in the UK

M J Bushell has an in-depth understanding of the UK’s intricate tax framework and we are ideally placed to advise overseas businesses and investors on the challenges they are likely to face when doing business here in the UK.

For businesses looking to set up in the UK, the many rules and processes which need to be taken into consideration can often seem daunting at the start of a new venture – which is why you need expert tax and business advisers such as M J Bushell at your side.

From selecting the right trading structure at the outset, to tax compliance, complex VAT matters and implementing the National Minumum Wage (MNW), M J Bushell is here to help.

Want to know more? Find out about the strategic support M J Bushell can offer to:

Personal Tax

Our experienced tax experts understand the complexities surrounding personal tax, both here in the UK and overseas – and we want to help you.

Here in the UK, the tax rules which apply to individuals depend not only on whether the person is deemed ‘resident’ in the UK, but also on whether they are in fact ‘domiciled’ here.

The tax rules for overseas employees can be equally complex – as most international employees working in the UK are usually liable to tax and National Insurance on their salary and benefits here, but certain concessions are sometimes available.

Our personal tax specialists can advise on:

  • Non-domiciled individuals’ tax issues.
  • Minimising exposure to double taxation.
  • Personal tax planning and structuring.
  • UK tax compliance.